Getting Started With Exercise

Most people who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes know exercise should be part of their treatment plan. Many people who know they may be at risk for the disease are aware that exercise may actually prevent type II diabetes. However, knowing that something should be done and actually doing it are two very […]

Some Risk Factors For Cerebrovascular Accident or Stroke

A stroke is a disease that occurs in the brain. It happens when blood supply to the brain is suddenly cut off or when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. When either of these two conditions occur, delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain is reduced. Brain cells die when there is a […]

Diabetics can Lower Blood Sugar Naturally: Reduce High Blood Glucose Levels

There are many reasons that might cause a diabetic to want to avoid insulin injections, including needle phobias and religious beliefs. Others may simply want to reduce their dependence on artificial insulin. Regardless of the reasoning, it can be a simple matter to lower blood sugar naturally by drinking herbal teas, exercising, and eating a […]

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