How to Identify That You Have Diabetes in the First Stage?


Most of the people in the world remain unaware about the beginning signs of diabetes in its first stage. They only come to know about the diabetes when they go to doctor for some other illness or health problems check up and in testing they are diagnosed as a diabetic patient. This has to be changed and there is a much greater need to educate people about the beginning signs of diabetes disease.

For this, the people should be aware about the various beginning signs of diabetes disease which are as follows:

Feeling Fatigue: When there is an excessive physical or mental stress experienced by the patient, the overall insulin level in the blood starts to decrease which results in the loss of energy and these diabetic patients feel tired most of the time during the day.

Feeling Hungry all the time: When diabetes disease starts showing its effects , the level of insulin starts to lower down which in turn make a patient feel more hungry and that person starts to eat more than usual.

Feeling Thirsty: Due to the obvious loss of excessive energy, body demands more water to quench the thirst.

Excessive Urinary Secretion: This is the primary beginning sign of having diabetes to the patient. Urine starts secreting in more than usual amount because of the extra supply of blood to the kidney as the glucose level in the blood starts increasing.

Becomes Short-Tempered: When blood sugar level starts to increase, it also affects the brain nerves which causes patient to become hot headed and he starts to burst out the people for no reason.

Vision Weakening: When there is excessive amount of sugar in the blood, it also creates a danger for the eye-lens which starts to swell at any time. If ignored, it can lead to blindness too.

Feeling Depressed: Due to the internal changes of blood sugar levels it can create big impact on the patient’s psychic situation. He starts to feel depressed all the time for no reason. He becomes very negative and always fears that he would be unsuccessful in all his walks of life.

So if you are going through the same conditions then you should first check up with your family doctor for further testing. And it is always better to take precautions in the beginning stages of diabetes disease. This will also avoid further complications which if not diagnosed can lead to serious health problems including death of the patient due to excessive amount of sugar in the blood.