All About Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes disease is such a disease which usually comes in the way of human body nourishment because the food we eat generally gives us enough energy and growth for our body but diabetes prevents this process. So to keep up the energy level of our body, our blood circulates glucose up to our cells and muscles. And thus the direct excessive supply of glucose to the cells and muscles in our body causes havoc as this glucose was meant to supply for the purpose of the extra energy fulfillment.

There are basically two types of Diabetic conditions. First one is type 1, also known as Juvenile onset diabetes or sometimes called insulin-dependent which basically causes our body to completely stop insulin production, thus requiring that type of diabetic patient to take daily insulin injections in order to regulate its body functions properly. Insulin is basically a type of hormone which is very important in order to regulate the proper level of glucose supply to our cells and muscles through the blood. This type of diabetes can happen at any age of human life. There is no age bar!!!

While type 2 diabetes which is knows as adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes occurs when either very less amount of insulin is generated in our body or our body system is not able to use it properly to create enough amount of required glucose in the body. But there is a way to cure this type 2 diabetes through the effective implementation of dietary plans.

Generally the food like rice, potatoes, bread, fruits we eat contains high energy and high sugar i.e. glucose. The diabetic patients should avoid this kind of food in their daily diet. Mostly if diabetic patient does not take care of his diet then there are always a certain chances that other dangerous diseases like kidney failures, blindness, heart diseases or even limb amputations can occur. So there is an utmost importance of having a good self-dietary programs which if implemented properly then further complications can be avoided.

The following measures should be taken by diabetic patient in order to live a safe life:-

  1. Take your medication properly and regularly as instructed by your doctor.
  2. Regularly check your blood sugar levels, blood cholesterol.
  3. Give full stop to your bad habits like excessive smoking and drinking.
  4. The most important is you should make regular exercises, yoga and meditation as an integral part of your daily routine which helps you a lot in maintaining your body metabolism at good levels.
  5. But always consult your doctor first in order to start any new dietary activities as extra stress on your body is also dangerous to your health which should be avoided.