Why Type 2 Diabetics Should Take Their Insulin: My Husband’s Story


With so many people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in America, it surprises me that the majority are apprehensive or afraid to go on insulin. I am not sure if it is the injections themselves or the fact that they don’t want to believe that their diabetes needs to be controlled more efficiently.

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes soon after he came out of the Royal Air Force; he had done 22 years, and was applying to join the police force in London. He was hospitalized and given one pill a day to control his blood sugar. This continued for years and even when we moved to America.

We bought a 90-seater restaurant, here in Florida, back in 1990. We were so busy that I didn’t get to plan Len’s meals or actually see what her ordered from the kitchen. I continually asked him about his sugar readings and he always told me they were fine. I wasn’t sneaky enough to look at his monitor and check them for myself.

He had 2 heart attacks within a week of each other. The second one put him in hospital. After a talk with the doctor Len was told that he had to go on insulin twice a day. Initially the nurse injected him and then showed him how to do the injection into an orange.

We had a long talk and he told me that he had been lying to me about his sugar readings. They had not been in the guidelines of 80 – 125. Most days they had been over 200. I asked him why he hadn’t confided in me because I would have helped in anyway I could. He told me that he had a fear of using the needle and having to inject himself with insulin.

He was brave enough to try on himself instead of the orange. His sugar levels stabilized, and with a couple of minor adjustments on the amount of insulin, he has been injecting himself twice a day for 13 years.

I was talking to a gentleman the other night that has out of control blood sugar readings. I told him of Len’s story and he said that they would just have to give him more or stronger pills.

I urge anyone who cannot keep their blood sugar reading below 140 to seek help from a doctor. After all you are worth it.